Agostino Morandi

Agostino Morandi, the founder of Morandi & Co. Ltd., being a student while at his grandfather saw mill in Aosta / Italy, makes of wood and woodworking machinery the passion of his life.

Later, at the “Factory of Musical Instruments” owned by his father in the locality Borgo San Martino, a town in the north of Italy pertaining to the province of Alessandria, earns the expertise that enables him to manufacture, together with his brother a “Fratelli Morandi Co.”, the vertical pianos that, in merit of their quality, were honored with the Italian Gold Award.

Because of the need of the industry during the IIWW, Agostino Morandi constructs a prototype of a band re-saw machine that excels on the job; the same model, afterwards, is exported to Chile, the country where Morandi settles to establish, in the year 1949, the first “woordworking machinery factory”.

Morandi & Co. Ltd. is the factory that produces, in Santiago of Chile, the conventional woodworling machinery that has the major presence in the Chilean market, because it is solid cast iron made, easy to use and requires little maintenance.

In 1974, the Company adjoins, to its production line, the construction of speed reducers made to order according to demand.

In 1990, the National Enterprise of the Petroleum of Chile, ENAP, distinguishes five Chilean industries – one per specialty; Morandi & Co. Ltd. is nominated for the “award in Mechanics”.

Today, after five decades of effort pursuing “an always better quality”, with the third generation incorporated, Morandi & Co. Ltd. is “continuity and reliability”.